Winter Appeal 2019


We were the world's first eye hospital. Will you help us innovate to meet the needs of the future?

Moorfields is a pioneering hospital. It grew from a hospital that was a world first when it was set up, and throughout its history Moorfields has driven incredible developments and discoveries in eye care. 

But to remain world class, we have to think of the future. This year, 800,000 patients will walk through our doors, with that number set to grow in the coming years. We must take action now to make sure Moorfields can keep delivering excellent patient care and experience far into the future.

Moorfields was the world's first dedicated eye hospital, and it has been at the forefront of eye care ever since.

That's why we need your help this winter to support a pioneering project that will help us care for everyone who needs us.

Our Solution: A Digital Clinical Laboratory

We want to set up a new Digital Clinical Laboratory, which will help Moorfields innovate to better meet patients’ needs in the future. Based inside Moorfields Eye Hospital, it will focus on researching new and emerging technologies and how they might be used to help patients, and uphold our proud tradition of being at the forefront of eye care.

From x-rays to AI, Moorfields has always pioneered new technology and new treatments for patients.

Consultant ophthalmologist Chris Canning is leading on the project. He believes that a new Digital Clinical Laboratory would benefit all patients, both now and far into the future:

I’m very excited about the fact that, as well as helping ensure that more people can access Moorfields’ expertise, these technologies can simultaneously deliver improvements for patient experience. For example, the Digital Clinical Laboratory may look into technologies that reduce waiting times, leading to quicker diagnosis and assessment, or ensuring that people only have to make the journey to the hospital when it’s absolutely necessary. 

A new Digital Clinical Laboratory will help more patients access fantastic eye care at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

There are also opportunities to provide access to Moorfields’ knowledge and expertise 24/7, which will help patients get reassurance and answers to questions, even in the middle of the night. And it will mean that patients aren’t under time pressure when receiving information, and feel able to take the time they need to process information and ask questions. 

I’m sure you’ll agree this would be to everyone’s benefit. But to get there, it’s vital that we begin to assess emerging technologies now and develop them in the way that is right for our patients.

Can you help?

Such improvements would be to everyone’s benefit. But to achieve those goals for the future, we need to invest today.

We must raise £100,000 to set up this new Digital Clinical Laboratory. We rely on the generosity of people like you to fund developments like this.

By making a gift today you can help us take the first step towards a ensuring patients at Moorfields will always receive the best possible care and experience.

I am incredibly excited by the new Digital Clinical Laboratory – I cannot overstate how essential it will be in making sure Moorfields continues to provide a world-class experience for all the patients who need us. I really hope you’ll make your gift to help us raise the £100,000 we need to make the Digital Clinical Laboratory a reality. Thank you!  - Chris


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