b'I didnt know I was the first nursebut when I found out, I was sohumbled and overjoyed.Interview with Adam Mapani - first nurse on global ophthalmology power listAdam Mapani, a nurse consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and a Clinical Teaching Fellow at UCL, is transforming the roleof nurses and empowering the next generation.Hes also the first nurse to be on the Ophthalmology Power List (2019) of the most influential people in ophthalmology globally. Find out how hes revolutionising patient care, what being on the power list means to him, and his hopes for the future.theyre able to read, to play with their grandchildren, to drive, you understand the What does your role involve? What are you most proud ofWhats been critical to a successful career? difference it makes.Im the lead nurse in the medical retina service. As a nurse consultant, achieving in recent years? The opportunities Ive been given in my life and being able to make the most l have led on establishing nurse-led clinics which reduce the burden Im most proud of being leaders of them. When I joined the trust, there wasnt much involvement for nursesWhat are your hopeson the consultant-led clinics. Im also involved with training nurses andin ophthalmic nursing. We have in the provision of ophthalmic care. That has changed and Ive been partfor the future?education, maintaining national standards of care. contributed to the national of pushing the boundaries. EqualWe train nurses toI hope to be one of the leaders Another side of my role is raising the profile of ophthalmic nursing training programmes for allied opportunities is also important in the and representing the trust nationally and internationally. Im off to healthcare professionals in retina trust. In my career journey Ive beenadminister injections, pioneering innovation especially Brisbane soon, as a keynote speaker at The Association of Ophthalmicmanagement. One is the retinal very well supported by colleagues,a role previouslydigital healthcare and improving the Nurses Australia. injection course which has been management and executives. performed by doctors. patient experience. We can improve running for seven years - we train access to treatment and monitoring, What is a typical day for you? nurses to administer injections, How did you feel when you found out that you were and manage demand. Interestingly, My typical day always starts with teaching, something Im deeplya role previously performed by on the Ophthalmology Power List? future technological advances will passionate about. Its an early start but I also use the time first thing in doctors. We have created this Well I was totally blown away! I felt very excited. At the time, I didnt know Ienable us to manage patients at the morning to have departmental and strategic meetings. Then I seemodel in the UK and its in hugewas the first nurse but then when I found out, I was so humbled and overjoyed.community level collaboratively with patients for the rest of the morning and continue in the afternoon. Somedemand. We have trained more thanIts my wish that hopefully next year, one of the other nurses can be nominated. community based optometrists. This days, Im lucky that I get time for my research in the afternoon! 50 nurses in the trust. Externally will ensure we only receive referrals we have trained more than 500Whats the best thing about working at the trust?critical to the eye department.What inspires you in your work? allied healthcare professionalsTheres so much that makes it special. First of all the global research andIm also excited about our new It has to be the patients. Our biggest priority is that we get our patients toincluding junior doctors. This hasadvances in digital healthcare. Its also the inspirational leadershiptheyglobal eye health centre in Kings see - peoples sight matters. When you see a patient on subsequent visits,significantly contributed towardsmake us feel proud of the work we do. I think the support that MoorfieldsCross. It will make a big difference and they tell you that theyre able to read, to play with their grandchildren,better patient care, patientEye Charity gives is brilliant - funding research and equipment, and investingto whats possible, it will be a much to drive, you understand the difference it makes. Its about a quality of life. experience and service efficiency. in people and training. Its so diverse and enables us to do so much more. better designed physical space.6|Visibility Visibility|7'