b'News in briefLois is one of many supporters Glaucoma and laser- who donated towards our summer based treatment appeal to purchase a new surgical In March a pivotal studytraining simulator for Moorfields carried out by researchersEye Hospital. Were delighted that at the trust and the UCLweve met our goal and raised Institute of OphthalmologyGus Gazzard 152,000its officially our most showed that using a laser-based treatment onsuccessful appeal to date. newly diagnosed cases of glaucoma is more successful and more cost-effective than using intraocular pressure lowering eye drops.Viewpoint With an innovation grant from the charity, the lead researchers from this study, consultant Robert Dufton, our chief executiveMr Gus Gazzard and optometrist Dr Evgenia Konstantakopoulou will explore the enablers andMeet adventurer and supporter Lois Prycebarriers to introducing an optometrist delivered Its an exciting time in eye healthservice for this treatment, to ensure were using the best models of care to maximise patient innovation and Moorfields Eyesafety and experience.Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Lois Pryce is an author and an adventurer. PerhapsSo Moorfields Eye Hospital is at the forefront of this. ManyLaunch of new innovation better known as Lois on the Loose, shes riddenmeans a lot to you?routine healthcare processes nowgrant programmeher motorbike all over the world, and written threeWell Moorfields is the place to goWere excited to announce a new innovationbooks about her adventures on two wheels. Shesfor any eye treatment, and its been use digital technology, but thegrant programme to fund projects that will bringa massive part of my life for thetransformation is about so muchimprovements to patients of the trust. We wantalso a supporter of Moorfields Eye Charity and apast 25 years. It wasnt until I saw more with highly co-ordinated careto promote innovation to bring about positivepatient at Moorfields Eye Hospital, so we asked herhow much visually impaired people involving community practitionerschange. This pilot programme is open to staffto tell us a bit about herself, her travels and whatsuffer in other countries that I really who would like to develop and test novel ideasthe hospital means to her. began to appreciate how much Ive and new artificial intelligence (AI)that will impact on the trusts clinical practice,got from Moorfields - they make a approaches leading to increasinglyservices and patient care. So youre an adventurer? Does it affect yournew, personalised contact lens for personalised treatment plans. me every six months, which means30m grant awardedYes! Ive taken my motorbike onadventures? I can keep going out and doingWith access to so much information, the opportunitiesfor Orielthe newsome amazing journeysIveIt can definitely be problematic!what I love. for made to measure medicine are incredible. You canMoorfields and UCLtravelled from Alaska all the wayMy cornea is very thin and can get Architectural impressionread about three key areas of research and the talentedcentre in Kings Cross down to Argentina, down thescratched easily, which disruptsIs that why you support researchers were supporting who are discovering newlength of Africa and all around Iran,the light coming into your eyeMoorfields Eye Charity?possibilities (pages 4 and 5). Philanthropy is critical toand written three books about myand makes things like driving atI like to think that, as long as After the success of our summer appeal to purchase aOriel and we are delightedtime on the road. Ive also got annight really difficult. Its also reallyIm careful and have the right that University College surgical simulator, our winter appeal is raising moneyLondon (UCL) has been awarded 30 millioneye condition called keratoconus,difficult to travel light when youtreatment and equipment, I can for a new Digital Clinical Laboratory, an innovation hubfrom the UK Research Partnership Investmentwhich can make my travels quitehave to carry loads of bottles ofreally do anything even though I using machine learning, big data and digital advances toFund, managed by Research England. Thedifficult! special contact lens solution withhave keratoconus. Thats why its improve patient care in the clinic and beyond. award is dependent on matched funding fromWhat is keratoconus? you - I remember once I was inso fantastic to support Moorfields Thank you to all of you who so generously support ourMoorfields Eye Charity and other donors. the middle of a massive ragingEye Charity and help Moorfields look appeals and the charity. You can read about just someIts a condition that affects thesandstorm in the Sahara, coweringafter peoples eyesightbecause of the people who have fundraised by running, baking,We are very grateful for the pledges received cornea of the eyesimply, insteadin my tent, desperately trying tobrilliant eye care really can makewalking and cycling on pages 8 and 10. I took part inso far from major donors to create this worldof your eyeball being round, likeclean my lenses!a massive difference to your life.the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Having onlyclass centre for advancing eye health. a football, its pointy, like a rugby started running shortly before, I was pleased to finishIf youd like to find out more about Oriel andball. It means I have to have special fundraising, please get in touch with RachelA massive thank you to all of you who have so kindly and thanks to support from friends, family and workJones on tel 020 7521 4610. contact lenses made for mewhichand generously donated towards our summer appeal.colleagues raised 3,000 for Moorfields Eye Charity andMoorfields have been doing a so benefit the trust where Im a glaucoma patient. fantastic job of for years now. Dr George Saleh, consultant ophthalmologist2|Visibility Visibility|3'