Springboard awards

Our new springboard awards will provide funding for researchers to develop novel ideas and generate preliminary data which will underpin and form part of larger, competitive, project grant applications to other external funding bodies.  

This is a response mode, competitive funding scheme for hypothesis driven research with applications accepted twice a year. 

It is expected that a competitive proposal(s) for a larger project will be submitted to an external funding organisation within a year of the completion of the springboard award.  Springboard award proposals must identify the programme(s) to which future applications will be submitted and delineate how the springboard award will result in a more competitive project for submission to the named external funders. 

What’s included

Funding can be requested for either (i) research materials/expenses only or (ii) including salary support for research assistance.  

  Maximum duration Maximum award level
(i) Research materials/expenses only 12 months £50,000
(ii) Research assistance [must include an eligible salaried post and no more than £50,000 research materials/expenses] 18 months £180,000


Please note that applications less than £7,500 will not normally be considered through this funding scheme. 


Key dates

Meeting       Application deadline
 2018 Summer 3 April 2018 
 2018 Autumn 6 August 2018 


Applicants are strongly advised to discuss their application with their relevant Research Office before preparing an application.  Please contact them directly to confirm any internal deadlines or processes which may apply. 


Steps required to prepare and submit your grant applications

Please ensure you contact the research offices well in advance of the submission deadline

Contact details


Completed applications must be emailed to researchgrants@moorfields.nhs.uk no later than 5pm on the date of the advertised deadlines.


General scheme queries

Cath Thums, Grants Officer

E: researchgrants@moorfields.nhs.uk
T: 020 7566 2565