Previously funded work

Moorfields Eye Charity supports high quality research which has the potential to greatly improve our understanding of vision and eye disease through to the discovery of improved diagnosis, treatments and cures. 

Learn more about some work recently funded through our competitive funding calls which are considered three times a year.



 Summer 2016 Meeting

Lead investigator

Project title

Award total

Dr Annegret Dahlmann-Noor

Triple bottom line evaluation of children's eye services at Moorfields Eye Hospital and its satellite sites


Mr Gus Gazzard

LiGHT extension: Longitudinal quality of life in a carefully monitored cohort of glaucoma and ocular hypertensive patients


Prof Alison Hardcastle and Mr Stephen Tuft

A genome-wide association study of keratoconus


Prof Gary Rubin and Dr Pete Jones

To develop interactive 3D visualisations of eye-disease, suitable for mobile phone displays



 Summer 2016 Meeting

Lead investigator

Project title

Award total

Prof Gary Rubin and Dr Tessa Dekker

Child-friendly, clinically relevant measures of retinal and visual pathway structure and function across the visual system


Prof Lyndon da Cruz

SAMBUCA - Study of adjuvant macular buckling for myopic foveoschisis with high axial length


Prof Sobha Sivaprasad

A pilot study to investigate the effect of 670nm light on visual function in aging and age related macular degeneration


Mr Gordon Plant

Prospective examination of the electrophysiological responses, OCT changes and pulse oximetry in optic neuritis patient with and without Uhthoffas phenomenon


Dr Marcus Fruttiger

Histopathology for diabetic retinopathy


Dr John Greenwood and Dr Annegret Dahlmann-noor

Visual crowding in congenital nystagmus: a shared basis with amblyopia and unaffected vision?


Dr Maryse Bailly and Mr Daniel Ezra

The role of Src family kinases in thyroid eye disease: disease mechanisms and therapeutic potential



 Autumn 2015 Meeting

Lead investigator

Project title

Award total

Prof Sir Peng Khaw

Developing a safe and effective drug to block the fibrosis gene pathway in the conjunctive


Prof John Marshall

Final laser-dose titration data required to enable reinstatement of clinical trials for the 2RT-mediated laser treatment of dry AMD


Prof Paul Foster

Realising the potential of the UK biobank research resource


Dr Patrick Yu Wai Man

Investigating disease mechanisms in autosomal dominant optic atrophy with retinal ganglion cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells


Dr Annegret Dahlmann-Noor

Development of objective and self- or proxy-reported outcome measures for clinical trials in childhood blepharokeratoconjunctivitis – an exploratory observational cohort study


Prof Maria Balda

GEF-H1 as a drug target for common diseases involving epithelial degeneration



Summer 2015 Meeting

Lead investigator

Project title

Award total

Prof James Bainbridge

Macular hole imaging by adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscopy


Dr Simon Fung

Anterior segment imaging in a paediatric setting


Dr Naushin Waseem

Functional characterisation of pigment dispersion syndrome associated mutations in obscurin


Mr Ananth Viswanathan

Estimating the incidence of significant visual acuity loss (wipeout) following cataract surgery in patients with glaucoma: a BOSU surveillance study


Prof John Greenwood

Investigating the therapeutic potential of targeting LRG1 (leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein-1) in ocular neovascular conditions.


Prof Robin Ali

Acquisition of a Vi-Cell XR viability cell analyser for Institute of Ophthalmology’s FACS facility


Prof Mike Cheetham

Airy scan super high resolution microscopy


Dr Annegret Dahlmann-Noor

The psychological profile of children and young people with medically unexplained visual loss


Prof James Bainbridge

Gene therapy vector for children with inherited retinal disease (LCA4)


Dr Daniel Gore

A prediction probability model for progression in keratoconus