Organise your own event

Your fundraising enables world-class eye care, pioneering research and leading-edge equipment at Moorfields. Whether you're planning a black-tie ball or a sponsored body-pump class, we will support you to raise as much money and have as much fun as possible.

Rob and Kate held a Bollywood themed party and raised over £5,000 for Moorfields. Rob has retinitis-pigmentosa, a rare inherited condition.

"We know that we’re in the very best hands at Moorfields and we’re so lucky to have some of the best specialists in the world involved in Rob’s care. It helps to know that our fundraising is making a contribution to research that could, one day, find a cure for blindness” says Kate.

“It’s incredible that we’re receiving care from some of the top specialists in the world on the NHS. It wouldn’t feel right not fundraising and trying to give something back.”

"The events are a way for us to do what we love, basically have a party with our friends, while knowing that we’re supporting Moorfields. If a pound we raise leads to a breakthrough, then that gift is going to help so many people with sight problems the world over.”

If you are planning an event for Moorfields, please get in touch and let us know. You can contact Nico at or on 020 7566 2486. Or click below to download our fundraising tool kit.

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