NIHR Moorfields Eye Charity Fellowships

NIHR Joint Doctoral Fellowship

Moorfields Eye Charity has formed a partnership with the National Institute for Health Research Academy (NIHR Academy) to offer joint Doctoral Fellowships as part of the NIHR charity partnership programme.

The joint fellowships have been designed to support people at various points of their development to become leading researchers, from initial pre-doctoral training right through to senior post-doctoral research.

Please find further details below on the fellowship scheme, including information on how to apply.

What are the advantages of this jointly funded doctoral fellowship?

The fellowships will include full salary support and research costs, allowing researchers protected time to concentrate on their research, as well as supporting the development of a bespoke training and development programme to meet their individual needs and career trajectory.

In addition to the benefits provided by charity partners, the NIHR also provides a range of leadership and mentoring programmes to complement training programmes, regular networking opportunities, bespoke workshops and events, as well as personal advice and guidance on funding opportunities. Successful applicants for the jointly funded awards will also become NIHR Academy Members.

Why select Moorfields?

Moorfields Eye Charity’s mission is to support Moorfields Eye Hospital to discover, develop and deliver the best eye care. Applying for one of the joint funded fellowships would allow you to benefit from being part of the prestigious NIHR network together with the partnership of Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Charity. 

Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology constitute one of the world’s leading centres for eye health, vision research and training. This attracts clinicians and researchers of the highest international calibre. Together they have been shown to be the most productive collaborative partnership in the world for vision research and according to the 2017 Centre for World University Rankings, UCL is the best place in the world to study ophthalmology. 

Moorfields Eye Charity takes a serious approach to investing in training and development opportunities, of which the joint fellowships would be a highlight programme.  Through philanthropic support we have the ability to invest in the future of vision research.

Key benefits:

  • based within a centre of world leading eye health research and care
  • access to expertise and colleagues at the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
  • benefit of world leading experts from Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology as colleagues
  • provide greater research exposure through a variety of media and communication channels
  • access to a variety of grant funding schemes from Moorfields Eye Charity supporting bright young talent including travel grants. 
  • access to networking, career development, training and workshops at Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL and Institute of Ophthalmology
  • large and varied patient demographic and rich ‘data library’ and opportunities for researchers to engage with and receive valuable input from patient groups, making the most of the public and patient engagement/involvement opportunities available. 
  • central London location


How to apply:

The NIHR Academy is launching the first round of Doctoral and Advanced Fellowships as part of the newly restructured NIHR Fellowship Programme in October 2018, with a subsequent round in April 2019.

Applicants are invited to apply and consider the Stage 1 Submission timetable below.

  • The 2018 Award competition for Doctoral Fellowships – Stage 1 opens on Thursday 4 October and closes at 1.00pm, Tuesday 18 December 2018
  • A full application submission timetable will be available on the NIHR Academy website as well as being listed in the Fellowships Guidance Notes.
  • Awards for the 1st round of New Fellowships will be made from September 2019 to March 2020

All queries about the application process and NIHR remit should be directed to the NIHR Academy With the subject Fellowships