Five thousand miles in 500 days

Laura Cartmill is walking or cycling 10 miles each day for 500 days - a total of 5000 miles!

From 1 August 2020 to 14 December 2021, Laura Cartmill is setting herself the challenge of walking or cycling 10 miles each day. After 500 days, she'll have covered a massive 5000 miles - all in support of Moorfields Eye Charity.

Laura was born with a rare eye condition called Aniridia, which means she has no iris (the coloured part of your eye). Without an iris your eyes become very sensitive to light, so Laura has to wear dark glasses most of the time. She doesn't let this stop her though: she plays football for Devon's 'Ability Counts' league, which gives people with a wide range of disabilities a chance to play for a local team. Laura is also a football coach, looking after a squad so good they've been branded the Devon 'dream team'. 

Part of the reason Laura is able to do all this is the fantastic treatment she recieved at Moorfields Eye Hospital when she lived in London, so she's taking on this new challenge to thank them for their help with her condition. Please support Laura's fundraising efforts and help us invest in life changing eye care.

Wishing you the best of luck Laura - you are a superstar!

Thinking of completing a challenge event for us? Whether you've got your own ideas or would like to join us for one of our events, we'd love to support you in your fundraising efforts however we can. For more information or to join #TeamMoorfields please contact Louise Taylor on 020 7521 4614 or email