Moorfields Visionaries Circle

The Moorfields Visionaries Circle brings together special supporters who have included a gift to Moorfields Eye Charity in their wills, to celebrate the incredible impact of legacies for Moorfields. Visionaries will be able to get closer to the work they are supporting, and learn more about new developments in research, education and treatment. To say thank you for supporting us in this very special way, Moorfields Visionaries will receive special tailored communications and exclusive event invitations.

 The reason it’s important to me to remember Moorfields Eye Charity in my will is, first of all, gratitude to the hospital itself and all that it has done for me. To have received the care that I have received, entirely free, is just incredible, and I want to give something back.  - Justine, grateful patient, legacy pledger and Moorfields Visionary

To tell us about a gift in your will to Moorfields Eye Charity, and learn more about the Moorfields Visionaries Circle, please leave your details below and we will be in touch.