Meet Team - Lyra's Champs

"Lyra, my daughter, was born eight weeks’ premature and weighing 3lbs. It also became apparent she was blind in her left eye due to microphthalmia. We soon became regular visitors to Moorfields Eye Hospital and as an eight month old baby Lyra went under general anaesthetic at Moorfields to create a moulding for her first prosthesis. Lyra is seven years old now and we are so grateful for the fantastic care she has had at Moorfields, especially under Peter Coggins, our wonderful ocularist, who makes her prostheses in subtly differing shapes and sizes as she grows. He even offered to make one with the iris in her favourite colour - orange - though we haven't taken him up on this yet! We can't wait to do the 14 mile Eye to Eye walk to give a little bit back to Moorfields. Some of our friends from the Piddle Valley First School in Dorset are joining our team, Lyra's Champs, including nine hardy and excited children. The youngest of our rugged ramblers are just six years old!"