Meet Mally Scrutton

Ruby Gavin

Mally Scrutton is the paediatric matron at the Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre (RDCEC). Having previously worked on the old children’s ward as the paediatric sister in the main hospital, she was instrumental in the development of a new facility dedicated to paediatric care at Moorfields.

Mally said: “The old children’s ward was uninviting and unappealing for patients, so when it came to designing the RDCEC we were adamant that we spoke to children about what they would want. We held lots of focus groups with children and parents and the overwhelming feedback from the children was they didn’t want the new building to look like a hospital.

“The RDCEC has totally changed the way in which we work. We wanted the new ward to feel calm, even if it is full and I’m delighted to say that we have achieved exactly that. No matter how busy the ward is, it always feels calm and that’s a great environment for both the children and their parents.

“For children, coming into a hospital can be overwhelming. Enabling them to play means they lose the hospital world and are back in a world that they understand. The RDCEC also helps parents relax during what is often a very distressing time and the play areas are vital to help look after siblings while their brother or sister is having their treatment.

“We are very proud that paediatrics and the RDCEC were awarded ‘Outstanding’ in our recent Care Quality Commission report. To get outstanding for a paediatric service in a single speciality tertiary centre is wonderful. We’re thrilled to have been able to create a service entirely based around the children and their parents.”

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