Meet Flossie Donovan

Oksana Petryna & Flossie Donovan

Flossie Donovan is a senior play specialist in the Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre (RDCEC). She has worked at Moorfields for 16 years.

When Flossie first started at Moorfields she was the only play specialist and now there are seven. While some Moorfields sites have dedicated play specialists, most don’t, so the RDCEC staff also cover paediatric clinics across the Moorfields network.

Flossie said: “The role of the play specialist is so important, not only to entertain the children, but to also pick up on any worries or anxieties they may have coming into hospital. The play specialists talk through the fears with the children and help put them at ease. It is not only the younger children who benefit; older children and teenagers also need someone they can talk to and who will be honest with them about what is happening.

“There are lots of facilities available to keep them occupied, such as wifi, DVDs and a Wii they can play on while waiting for appointments and treatments. “The RDCEC has helped improve the experience for all patients, regardless of if they are babies or teenagers.”

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