Meet Clare Wills

My name is Clare Wills, I’m the internal communications officer at Moorfields Eye Hospital (MEH). I joined the communications team in June 2016, based at Kemp House, City Road in London, not far from the Moorfields Eye Charity office.

The communications team is responsible for promoting the work of MEH and managing its reputation. Through a range of internal and external channels including the media, annual general meetings, social media and staff recognition awards, the team helps to raise the profile of MEH by clearly communicating our organisational direction, priorities and performance to motivate staff to deliver their best.

My focus is on internal communications across the organisation to colleagues, boards and committees and our dedicated Friends of Moorfields volunteers.

Our workforce is diverse and dispersed which can be a challenge in reaching the right people at the right time with the right message. But that challenge is what we internal communicators thrive on!

We have a variety of internal channels to help share information with colleagues so they are equipped with the information they need to do their jobs effectively. This includes the intranet, chief executive team briefings and meetings, blogs, e-newsletters and visits to our network of 32 sites by the senior leadership team.

Over the last few years, MEH has expanded its reach to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As our workforce grows, internal communications will continue to evolve to meet the unique needs of our international sites.

We also work with colleagues in human resources to improve employee engagement and support a positive work culture.

The communications team partners with the Moorfields Eye Charity to help promote key campaigns and fundraising events. Colleagues play a vital role in linking patients and members of the public with the charity. My role is to support colleagues with the information and tools they need to be ambassadors for the charity.

I don’t have a typical internal communications background. I trained as a solicitor in Australia and worked in professional services, government and banking before moving into communications. As a world leader in ophthalmic care, MEH is a rewarding place to work. There are so many inspiring stories of outstanding patient care and new technology improving the quality of people’s lives.

A key element of internal communications is profiling the achievements of colleagues and teams. On this we are spoilt for choice! I recently had a tour of the City Road site with one of our matrons. During the tour, it really hit home to me that there is so much good work happening across all our sites. It’s my job to profile this and inspire others by the great work that is taking place. I’m looking forward to this exciting opportunity.