There is currently a severe shortage of donor corneas available for transplant in the UK, which results in many patients suffering avoidable blindness and sight loss. By growing human corneal cells in the laboratory we hope to make it possible for many patients to be treated from one donated cornea, giving us a far better chance of saving their sight.

- Sajjad Ahmad, consultant ophthalmologist

Maureen was diagnosed with Fuchs’s endothelial dystrophy in 2003, a condition of the cornea which causes gradual loss of vision. A few months ago Maureen had the first of two corneal transplants – and it has made a huge difference. She says:

“My sight is far clearer than it has been for many years,”

Maureen was able to receive the treatment she needed – but many other patients have to wait because of a shortage of donated corneas. Sajjad Ahmad’s groundbreaking research into growing corneal cells could help to solve this problem. Maureen says:

“I look forward to the day when every patient with a corneal disease can have life changing treatment thanks to this research.”

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