Innovation grants

Innovation is about doing things differently or doing new things to make positive change. We’re excited to announce a new innovation grant programme, aiming to fund defined projects that will ultimately lead to improvements that will benefit Moorfields, its patients and the NHS. 

The purpose of this programme is to enable staff to develop and test novel ideas to bring about impactful positive change, optimisation or improvements in clinical practice, service, patient experience and/or patient participation.  The programme is designed to support discrete and defined pieces of work where the applicants have demonstrated;

  • a clear and convincing problem they want to address
  • how their project will lead to innovative change
  • direct benefits and/or impact on patients within a relatively short timescale (months, not years)

Pilot programme

This new funding programme will be run as a pilot scheme in autumn 2019 and reviewed in spring 2020. 

What’s included

The normal expected maximum funding that can be requested per application is £25,000 although up to £50,000 will be considered. Additional key details:

  • normal maximum of one award per principal applicant per year
  • supplements will not be considered within this scheme
  • A normal maximum duration of a grant is 18 months.

For further details on the scheme including eligibility criteria please refer to the scheme guidance notes.

Key dates

The date below is the deadline for receipt of completed applications by Moorfields Eye Charity.  Applicants must ensure that they allow sufficient time (up to 3 weeks prior to the deadlines below) for their finance and other signatories to consider and approve applications. 

Meeting       Application deadline
Autumn 2019 Friday 11 October 2019


Application forms and guidance notes

Innovation grant application form

Grant application T&C [data use] form: Please note that every person named in Section 1 of the application form must complete this form, if they have not already done so as part of a previous application

Annex A Innovation grant budget template [excel file]

Innovation grant guidance notes


Completed applications must be emailed to no later than 5pm on the date of the advertised deadlines.


General scheme queries

T: 020 7566 2565