Fly through the sky for Moorfields

Skydive for free when you raise money for Moorfields and experience the exhilaration of flying through the air from 10,000 feet. It’ll be an experience like no other!

Visit the organiser's website to book your skydive today!

 What happens? You’ll do a tandem skydive. This means you’ll be harnessed to a professional parachute instructor throughout your jump.This is the most popular way for beginners to skydive – you don’t need any experience. The day of your jump, you’ll start with a thorough training session. Then you’ll climb to 10,000 feet in a small plane, jump and freefall 5,000 feet through the clouds at 120mph. Skydivers say speeding through the air is one of the most thrilling moments of their lives.  Finally, you’ll open your parachute and you’ll spend 3-4 minutes gliding to the ground. Your instructor will bring you in for a safe landing.
 Where can I skydive? You can do your skydive at any one of the 19 British Parachute Association approved centres across the UK. The nearest sites to Moorfields Eye Hospital are in Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Kent, but there are skydive locations from St Andrews in Scotland to Truro in Cornwall.
When can I skydive? When you book your skydive you’ll be able to choose two dates that suit you.  Our event partner, Skyline, will then allocate you one, depending on availability. The perfect time to book your jump is between April and September, when the weather’s best.
How much does it cost? In England and Wales, you need to raise at least £395 to skydive for Moorfields. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, it’s £450, as it costs more to do the jump. To book your skydive, you have to pay a £70 registration fee direct to Skyline Parachuting, our event partner, on their website. Then, you must commit to raising at least £395 sponsorship for Moorfields, and make sure it’s with us 10 days before your skydive. We’ll pay for your jump out of your sponsorship money, direct to the skydiving centre, leaving us with around £140 to help save sight.