Career development awards


Scheme overview

Our career development awards offer an exciting opportunity to provide short term support to science researchers, clinical and allied health professionals who are already on an academic career track and are of the calibre to be future leaders of ophthalmic research and clinical practice. 

These awards will enable individuals to focus on their research and to capitalise on other external funding opportunities to develop their research programmes.  This approach will help ensure that by the end of the Career Development Award, they are in the strongest position to secure prestigious fellowships and other external funding to catapult them to the next stage of their career. 

Built into the scheme is the career development springboard award - the opportunity for research expenses to be requested for the specific purpose to develop novel ideas and generate preliminary data that will go on to form part of larger, competitive, grant applications or fellowships.

Please note that an institutional level (director or similar) letter of support  must accompany all submitted applications.  For further details please contact the charity before you start to complete an application form.

Meet our current  career development award holders

Interview with the charityTess and Nikolas talk about how career development awards make all the difference


What’s included

Funding can be requested for either

(1) Salary only

  • salary support commensurate with current salary
  • maximum of 18 months duration
  • start date normally within 24 months from the date of award.

(2) Salary and career development springboard award (for research expenses only)

  • up to a maximum of £50,000
  • for new research only
  • start date within 6 months of date of award
  • normal maximum duration of 12 months


Key dates

The date below is the deadline for receipt of completed applications by Moorfields Eye Charity.  Applicants must ensure that they allow sufficient time (up to 3 weeks prior to the deadlines below) for their research offices to consider and approve applications. 

Meeting       Application deadline
 Spring 2020 Wednesday 20 November 2019


Steps required to prepare and submit your grant applications

Contact details

Application forms and guidance notes

Grant application T&C [data use] form: Please note that every person named in Section 1 of the application form must complete this form, if they have not already done so as part of a previous application

[1]   Career Development Award application form

[2]   Career development springboard award form

[3]   Annexes

Annex A Career development award budget template [excel file].  Please note a single excel file should be completed where applicants are applying for both salary and springboard award. 

Annex B Host institution sign off form

Annex C Collaborator form

Annex D Research involving animals

[4]   Guidance notes

Career development award guidance notes

Completed applications must be emailed to no later than 5pm on the date of the advertised deadlines.

General scheme queries

T: 020 7566 2565